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Adjunct Professor Cover Letter

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Jimmie Kemp
84 Middleville Road
Pasadena, CA 91101
(333) 397-4843

Oct 21, 2010

Mrs. Connie Doran
Stevens Institute of Technology
3423 County Line Road
St Petersburg, FL 33701

Dear Mrs. Doran,

I am writing to apply for the Adjunct Professor position that you advertised on the university website recently. As per the needs of the position, I have all the experience in academia, the PhD in the discipline, and the enthusiasm for learning and teaching that you could hope for. It is with this fine set of qualifications that I am applying today for this esteemed Adjunct Professor position at Stevens Institute of Technology.

As you will find expressed in my enclosed resume, I have over six years as an Adjunct Professor at DeVry University teaching a number of concepts and curriculum to include British and English Literature, respectively to classes of over 50 undergraduates. Previous to this, I was a Professor of Literature and Writing for over 15 years at Washington State University; and was a part of a number of significant boards and advisory commissions to ensure that the best of curriculum and strategy was applied to our undergraduate students. I have also written my dissertation on English Literature and Its Presence in Pop Culture while attending Texas A&M University for my obtained PhD in English Literature Teaching. As a part of my working professor motes operandi, I ensure that all of my students are gaining something from my teaching and that all of my students find some piece of literature compelling and inspirational. My classes are highly participatory and entertaining, and I believe that it is necessary to approach teaching in this way to really help students grasp the concepts of the curriculum. I am highly enthusiastic, passionate about my courses, and have endless patience.

I hope to have a chance to tell you more about my education, my experience, and some of my achievements as an Adjunct Professor, and also, to learn more about your goals for this position at Stevens Institute of Technology. Thanks so much for your time, and please give me a call at (333) 397-4843 to schedule a meeting.


Jimmie Kemp

Enclosure: resume