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Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

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Diane Erickson
110 Hart Ridge Road
Rogers City, MI 49779
(333) 351-3021

Oct 9, 2010

Mrs. Doris Buckley
3370 Thrash Trail
Henderson, TX 75652

Dear Mrs. Buckley,

Regarding the position of Administrative Assistant for your company, I am applying today with this cover letter and attached resume. I am confident that after careful review of my career qualifications, education, and skills; that you will want to contact me for a follow up interview. I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

As you will find in my resume, I have over 12 years as an efficient Administrative Assistant-over four years more than your minimum in your advertisement. I also have an accreditation from University of Rochester as an Administrative Assistant; and thus, have that solid knowledge of office operations and procedure to offer this role. There isnít a program or system that I am unfamiliar with or office equipment that I have not worked with. In my role at Medtronic, I handle a wide range of office responsibilities; and basically, am responsible for all office administration to include: typesetting, dictation, phone/email communications, scheduling of clients, invoicing and payroll, coordination of events, and ensuring all operational mailings, departments, etc are handled with optimum efficiency. I have worked in this role for the past seven years. At BB&T Human Systems in which I worked as Administrative Assistant for a team of five professionals, prior to my present role for the first five years after professional training-I handled similar tasks and responsibilities. I am highly organized, efficient, professional, and dedicated.

Please give me a call at your convenience at (333) 351-3021 so that we might schedule an interview in person. I have much to tell you about my experiences over the past 12 years, and I am also very excited about learning more about your goals for this Administrative Assistant position. Thanks so much for taking the time today to review my cover letter and the details of my resume.

Diane Erickson

Enclosure: resume