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Bartender Cover Letter

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Jason Mills
3228 Upton Avenue
Freeport, ME 4032
(333) 865-7990

Oct 22, 2010

Mr. Phillip Hayes
Kimpton Hotel
321 Armory Road
Clinton, NC 28328

Dear Mr. Hayes,

I saw the advertised posting on for your Bartender position at your well established restaurant, Kimpton Hotel; and I fell that my experience and career qualifications could add a new level of success to your business. For this reason, I have attached a recent copy of my resume for your immediate consideration.

As you will see in my enclosed resume, I have been a professional Bartender for over seven years, as well as have a total of 10 years experience in the restaurant industry. I began my career as a Waiter at Pyramid Hotel Group and worked in this role, while attending college for my degree in Hospitality from University of Michigan. After graduation, I became Bartender at Schmick&apos Seafood Restaurant, while also obtaining professional training in Bartending from University of Texas. For the past seven years, I have worked as an established and well loved Bartender at MGM Resorts and then, at the hotspot, Delmonico Bar & Grill for the past two years. I am well trained in how to pour, serve, and create well drinks and the most unique of drink specialties. I know my brands of liquor, beer, and spirits; and know how to make a drink that is both beautiful and just the right taste. Moreover, I am an entertainer by trade, and love communicating with all customers to ensure that they are enjoying their time at the establishment in which I work. I also know quite a bit of fun trivia, which many of my regulars and new guests really enjoy.

Please take a movement to review my resume, and then give me a call at (333) 865-7990. You will find that all that you seek in a professional Bartender is within this document. Next, letís schedule a face to face meeting to discuss the position further. Thanks so much for your time and consideration.


Jason Mills

Enclosure: resume