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Coordinator Cover Letter

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Sarah Holiday
1634 Ritter Street
Huntsville, AL 35801
(333) 288-9970

Oct 3, 2010

Mr. James Lindgren
Ocean House
2259 Washburn Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Dear Mr. Lindgren,

This cover letter is in response to a post I saw on recently for an Events Coordinator. I have studied this advertisement closely from your company, and am excited to see that all of your requirements and recommendations for an applicant are in line with my career qualifications. With much enthusiasm, then, I extend to you this letter of interest and my attached resume for consideration for the Event Coordinator position at Ocean House.

To begin, I have nine years experience as an Events Coordinator for Castle Hill Inn and Resort, and over four years as a Customer Service Representative. Whatís more, I also bring a degree in Hospitality Management from Carnegie Mellon University to this esteemed opportunity. As an Events Coordinator at Mill Street Inn, I have a wide range of duties assigned to me as a successful Event Coordinator-with the chief goal of this position to ensure that our guests have many interesting and fun things to do-for all ages, energy levels, and interests. This has required me to get to know the area in which I serve much more intimately than I have as a resident all my life. It has required me to communicate with all aspects of the tourist and community culture to locate theater, recreational, music, and art venues and activities to bring into the hotelís activity plan. I have done so with much success. I am an outstanding planner, coordinator, supervisor, and customer service professional.

I have heard so many great things about your establishment, and this is why I approach you today with this application. Please get in touch if interested, at (333) 288-9970 to schedule an interview. I thank you warmly and enthusiastically for your time today, and look forward to your call.


Sarah Holiday

Enclosure: resume