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Graphic Designer Cover Letter

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Ryan Casey
1747 Upton Avenue
Standish, ME 4084
(222) 998-3394

Nov 7, 2010

Mr. Michael Cullinan
Brady Corporation
2630 Elliot Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

Dear Mr. Cullinan,

In regards to your most recent advertisement seeking a Graphic Designer for your company, Brady Corporation, I would like to submit my candidacy for this Graphic Designer role-along with the enclosed resume, in hopes that you will find my background as well fitting as I do. When I came across your recent posting on seeking a Graphic Designer with at least three years in the business and professional education; I knew that I had found the right position for my talents, experience, and career goals. This is why I submit to you today my interest and resume.

Briefly, I have been a Graphic Designer for the past five years at Dominion Enterprises in Standish, ME. This firm has handled thousands of clients per year in all of their marketing needs for internet assimilation. This has included me partnering my graphic design talents, experience, and expertise with many different departments to include: IT, web design, writing teams, marketing strategists, and internet marketing experts. I have done so with much success. I am capable in all the latest and even outdated programs and applications associated with my trade, and have a Masterís Degree in Graphic Design to offer as well. I am a key team player, am highly creative and analytical, and keep myself well veered in what graphics reach consumers and which consumers in which respective markets and niches. I look to this open Graphic Designer position as I have long respected the work that you do at Brady Corporation, and I wish to be a part of this success.

I would like to schedule an in person meeting, if you would oblige with a call at (222) 998-3394. Thanks so much for your time and consideration today and I hope to hear from you soon.


Ryan Casey

Enclosure: resume