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LPN Cover Letter

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Doris Davis
2119 Turnpike Drive
Hanceville, AL 35077
(333) 352-6293

Nov 7, 2010

Mrs. Jennifer Lee
Stamford Hospital
3980 Lochmere Lane
Stamford, CT 6995

Dear Mrs. Lee,

As per your advertisement on and also on your hospital website, I am applying for your esteemed position of LPN at Stamford Hospital I have the training, knowledge of applicable medical procedure and tasks, and the skills to bring much success to this position and your hospital. For this reason, I enthusiastically apply for this LPN position today, with this cover letter and the attached resume.

You will find in my enclosed resume, that I have the training, experience, and necessary people skills to bring more success to your highly reputable hospital, Stamford Hospital. I have completed my LPN training from Benito Juarez Academy, and have worked the past three years in this role; assisting in all various wards and departments at Absolut Care in Hanceville, AL. This required having solid hands on knowledge of CPR, first aid, medical hygiene, and nurse care for assistance of pre and post op procedure, as well as intensive care and emergency care unit patients. Moreover, I have all that you could ask for in a LPN, as I am not only experienced and talented in the functions of this LPN role; but I am also highly patient, work well in a stressful environment, compassionate, organized, and communicate with all of my patients as not numbers, but as humans. I respect and believe in all of my patientsí welfare, and I wish to bring my experience and this high level of humanity to this position at Stamford Hospital.

Would you like to schedule a meeting sometime in the next few weeks? If this might be possible, please give me a call at (333) 352-6293 so we can schedule a time that fits with your schedule most conveniently. Thank you very much for considering me for this great opportunity.


Doris Davis

Enclosure: resume