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Medical Receptionist Cover Letter

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Justin Anderson
4449 Bernardo Street
Tampa, FL 33607
(123) 291-7615

Nov 16, 2010

Mrs. Dorothy Gosselin
Sterling Clinic
2584 Cherry Tree Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Dear Mrs. Gosselin,

When I came across your opportunity for a trained Medical Receptionist for your private practice in Jacksonville, FL, I felt like I had found the perfect position for my career. Now that I have carefully reviewed what you are looking for in this qualified Medical Receptionist, I know that I have-as I have the experience and skills that you are seeking to make this role a success. At your request, I have enclosed a current copy of my resume so that you might see exactly how I could benefit your company in this position.

Over the past 13 years that I have been employed as a Medical Receptionist, I have worked in three private practices with much the same set up of employees, staff count, and patient roster that you do at Sterling Clinic. I have served in this same role of accelerating responsibility in each of these three positions handling very similar procedure and practice. Some of the most striking aspects of this list of tasks are: communicating with staff, handling all doctor assistance, scheduling patients, coordinating with lab services, dealing with invoicing and insurance claims, typesetting, faxing prescriptions, communicating with pharmacies and hospitals, and answering phones. While this is a lengthy list, it is surely not all-which I can elaborate more on at a possible interview, and as you will find discussed, in the enclosed resume. I also hold a B.A. in Accounting from Virginia Tech, and so, can aptly analyze, compute, and organize any accounting, payroll, or financial documents that you may require. What’s more, I have excellent data entry skills, great interpersonal skills, and the ability to take on a number of time sensitive tasks at once.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet in person to talk about this position further, and see what else you may be looking for in a Medical Receptionist. Please call me at (123) 291-7615).


Justin Anderson

Enclosure: resume