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School Counselor Cover Letter

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Cristina Wicklund
3223 Moonlight Drive
Mercerville, NJ 8619
(111) 587-8298

Nov 23, 2010

Mrs. Kelly Trepanier
Minneapolis Public School
2455 Peck Court
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Dear Mrs. Trepanier,

Please review this cover letter for the position of your School Counselor position at Minneapolis Public School. After reading through your post that I found on for an experienced School Counselor, I know my experience and skills fit with your needs perfectly. I have the experience, the training, and the skills to make an excellent addition as School Counselor at Kamehameha School, and ask that you consider this letter and attached resume for this exciting opportunity.
When I saw your advertisement on, I was very excited as I have heard much about your school’s successes over the years in academic curriculum, testing, and learning environment.

This is why this is perfect position for me, as I have over nine years as a School Counselor, and has worked at both private and public elementary schools in that time... I have received formal training from Rice University in Counseling and Psychology. I have served two schools in the past nine years, and hundreds of students requiring advice, academic planning, or just an ear for their troubles. I am dedicated, great with kids at this age, and can handle a busy and heavy student load. I am very patient, schooled in various student concerns, and know how to communicate with students, parents, and teachers.

Please give me a call at (111) 587-8298 to schedule a meeting at your school Minneapolis Public School. My schedule is open, and I can make any day or time that you require. I would love to hear more about the school’s present and future goals, as well as see the classroom and counseling facilities. Thanks so much for your time and consideration today, and I very much look forward to earring from you so that we might talk more about my background, and you can teach me more about your school.


Cristina Wicklund

Enclosure: resume